The spanish language Customs and Culture

Spain has a rich ethnic heritage and it is important to understand the traditions which have been part of Spanish culture. Included in this are the different types of meals, drinks, music, and more.

Common Spanish Foodstuff

The diet with the people of Italy is based on a Mediterranean lifestyle, with a large emphasis on fruits and vegetables, nuts, seafoods, and beef. While there are a lot varieties of traditional Spanish food, each region of the country is famous for the specialties. In the province of Galicia, for instance , you can find a wide range of fish and sea food dishes and also vegetable casseroles, while in Catalonia you are able to sample a large number of different types of meat and vegetable stews.

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Spaniards are recognized for the love of food plus the many social events that occur over a meals. This is why they can be so keen on tapas, small food that you can show to friends or perhaps family being a snack.


The Spanish have a standing for drinking coffee, specifically in the evenings and on weekends. This beverage is a software program in many homes and eating places and many local residences love to drink that with a cup of wine beverages or a shot of liquor. It is also an excellent way to make new friends.


All over the country, neighborhood and local celebrations, called bringues, are placed throughout the year. They can be a big component to Spain’s customs and stand for a solid element of satisfaction. Popular fiestas include the San Fermin half truths run in Pamplona plus the Tomatina tomato festivity in Bunol, Valencia.

Gifts and Birthdays

When visiting a Spanish home, pretty to bring gift ideas as a indication of hospitality. It is also customary to item the host’s children or if you are invited to a get together or function.

La Neamul

The most important public unit vacation is definitely the family, with most families consisting of a husband and wife. This is not to that there are not really other romantic relationships, but the family is the most important one.

In Spanish culture, the family is an important approach of obtaining support and guidance for children. Unlike consist of countries, where parents are separated when their children grow up, the family group stays jointly and keeps in contact.

Customs and Holidays

Most of the national holidays are religious in origin. The most crucial ones will be Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Ensemble Christi, and the marry a spanish woman Party of Similar James (July 25). Additionally , there is the Day of the 3 Kings, or Epiphany, on January 6.

Tuesday the 13th

Although it is common in other cultures to consider the 13th a great unlucky moment, in Spain 2 weeks . very important one! This is why they have not uncommon to hear phrases such as „ni te cases, national insurance te embarques” (don’t get married or go on a journey) on this day.


Sobremesa is definitely a common practice in Spain, exactly where people sit around the stand and speak for hours following dinner has been consumed. It’s a great way to interact socially and make friends, nonetheless it is important to recognize the manners before you go so that you don’t trigger any concerns.