Double room Lux 250 zł/room
Single room (No bathroom) 85 zł/day
Single room (With bathroom) 100 zł/day
Double room (No bathroom) 140 zł/day
Double room (With private bathroom in the box) 150 zł/day
Double room (With bathroom) 160 zł/day
Triple room (With bathroom) 220 zł/day
4-person room (With bathroom) 260 zł/day
4-person room (With private bathroom in the cube) 250 zł/day
5-person room (No bathroom) 55 zł/person
(for 5 or 4 persons)
Collective rooms are sold exclusively (with bedclothes) for 9, 8, 7, 6 persons 50 zł/person (no bathroom or with private bathroom in the box)

Children up to the age of 3 with a parent - free of charge
Animals 20 zł / day (we require a blanket, towel, immunization records, muzzle in case of dogs)
Tent in front of the shelter - 20 zł / person (possibility of using the kitchen and the bathroom)
Prices for rooms including bedclothes.
Refuge does not provide accommodation in dormitory rooms.


Discounts are granted on the basis of a valid / current discount card / ID card. The discount is granted per person. One person can be granted only one discount - the discounts do not add up.

26 Euro cardholders, Big Family Card 10%

For PTTK cardholders Honoured blood donors 20 %
Recipients of the Silver Badge of Honour of PTTK, or of Silver Badge of the "Distinguished Employee PTTK", PTTK guides, leaders of qualified tourism, social carers of monuments, social carers of conservation, conservators,manual markers of hiking trailscounsellor of SKKT and PTTK guides 30 %
Recipients of the Golden Badge of Honour of PTTK and the Golden Badge of Honour "Distinguished Employee of PTTK" 50 %
Honorary Members of PTTK 80 %

It is not possible to pay with a payment card in the hostel