Local Events

THE CUP OF SKIING Pilska in SKIALPINISM – is the most prestigious competition in the team category in Poland. From the very beginning they have been organized by the Club of Skialpinism ‘Kandahar’. They are characterized by difficult and technical descents and steep climbs. “The icing on the cake” are rocks traversed by the competitors using ropes. The result of the enthusiasm of the Silesian lovers of ski touring is the 15th edition of the event.

The AMATEUR Skiing Competition “The CUP of Pilska” – organized by the the municipality of Jeleśnia.

The DOMINICAN POLISH CHAMPIONSHIP in alpine skiing and snowboarding – organized by the Dominicans.

The RACE TO THE TOP Pilska “Silezian MOUNT EVEREST” – organized by the Association of Mountain Racing from Jastrzębie-Zdroj.

FESTIVAL OF THE TRAVELER Mateusz Hryncewicz – the idea of the festival was established to honor the memory of the tragically deceased Matthew Hryncewicz, the GOPR rescuer and traveler. The festival is not only the opportunity to watch the films and presentations on worldwide trips, but it is also an opportunity to meet interesting people and travelers.

The SPRING TRANSHUMANCE (REDYK) in Korbielów – a traditional ceremonial exit of the shepherds with the flocks of sheep grazing on the mountain pastures. Spring parades offer lots of attractions.